These 3 islands located in the North West part of Lombok have become a must-see destination for travellers visiting Bali.

Even though there are several options to come to the Gili Islands, the Fast Boat is still our favourite!

Ferry Boat, Flight or even Helicopter if you want to feel like celebrity, here are the different options traveling to Gili Islands and here is why we think Fast Boat as the best option

If you opt for the Ferry Boat, the boat trip itself will be cheaper, but then you will have to get transport from your accommodation in Bali to the harbour and then again in Lombok from Lembar harbour to Bangsal harbour, it makes it quite a long journey that we can help you to organise and can be a good opportunity to visit Lombok area before heading up to Gili

There are flights every day and different companies running from Bali to Lombok airport, a flight ticket rate is usually the same than a fast boat ticket, Lombok Airport is located in Praya, in Southern part of Lombok so you will have to reach Bangsal harbour which is in the Northern part of Lombok, South Lombok is also a very nice area to stop and relax for few days, if you want to either try surf, yoga retreat, or just wander on the beach, Selong Belanak, Mawi Beach, Pink Beach and way more!

We recommend fast boats, pick up transport is most of the time included in the rate of your boat ticket. The boat company send a driver to pick you up at your hotel and brings you straight to the Gili of your choice! Big company have more comfortable boats, TV, AC, comfortable seats, only around 1hour30 to go from Padang Bai the main harbour in Bali to go the Gili Islands in Lombok. Easy, affordable and efficient!

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