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Yoga In Bali

Thanks to its natural environment, spiritual and peaceful atmosphere, many people come to Bali to escape from the hustle.

Diving in Bali

Discover Bali underwater kingdom and hidden gem beneath the waves. The underwater of Bali offers an incredible variety of dive experience.

Silver Workshop

Indonesia will surely catch your attention with its amazing landscapes and culture but also with its knowledge for confectioning and creating.

The Best Time to Visit Indonesia

Are you planning to escape Winter time? The climate of Indonesia is almost entirely tropical and perfect to escape cold winter time anytime through the year.

Snorkeling in Indonesia

Indonesia is a massive archipelago, with more than 17’000 islands. The country is home to the largest marine biodiversity. It is estimated to be home to about 30% of the coral reefs, 35% of the world’s reef fish species (more than 3’000 species)

Useful Indonesian Expressions for your Travel

The national language, Indonesian, or Bahasa Indonesia, is quite similar with Malay language. Most of Indonesian people speak in Bahasa Indonesia but if you go in small villages for instance it might sounds different. There are more than 400 dialects and other languages (Balinese, Javanese, Sasak…)

Surfing in Indonesia

With waves for everyone, beginners, intermediates, big wave surfers and a paradisiac environment, it is no wonder Indonesia is one of the best countries for surfing.

Which Visa to visit Indonesia

Preparing your trip to Indonesia is getting easy, Indonesia has simplified everything these last years for you to visit and discover this wonderful country!

Discover the Beautiful Volcanoes

For a trip to Indonesia, most plan on relaxing on the beautiful beaches under the coconut trees, then some like also to discover what the nature has more incredible to offer.

The Indonesian Currency

You’re going soon to Indonesia and wondering about the local currency; we brought some information and tips together just for you in this article …

Gili Trawangan Festival

Come and join the fun this week end with Gili Trawangan Festival!

Gili Trawangan is holding a big festival from 19 to 23 October.

Gili Trawangan & Gili Meno Review

Gili Islands are probably one of the best getaways away from the very touristic places of Bali. You just need to jump in a car and enjoy your sailing to those beautiful Islands situated between Bali and Lombok.

Indonesia’s Cultural Diversity

Learning about the culture of this exotic archipelago will not only ensure a more pleasant traveling experience, it will also enrich the way you perceive the world. From religious aspects to social habits, discover the things you should know about Indonesian culture.


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