Silver Workshop

Indonesia will surely catch your attention with its amazing landscapes and culture but also with its knowledge for confectioning and creating.

Indonesia’s land is a big source of metals such as gold and silver, and has mines of stones such as quartz, garnets …

Indonesian gold and silversmiths have been creating intricate objects for temple heirlooms, rituals and fine jewellery. From metal casting, through the preparation of the moulds, to sizing the stone, chiselling, crimping, all these steps are handmade which makes each creation even more special, truly unique.

You want to bring something unique and have an unforgettable experience? Some villages have showroom alongside workshops that welcome you to watch the creation process, some even share the craft and go further by letting you having a try at creating your own unique jewellery piece to take home!

You will find some Silver Workshops for instance in Ubud and in Gili Trawangan and in small villages. There, you can design your own piece, learn the art of making silver jewellery and bring a wonderful souvenir home.

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