You’re going soon to Indonesia and wondering about the local currency; we brought some information and tips together just for you in this article …

Indonesian currency, Indonesian Rupiah, can be quite confusing. With so many zeros on their notes the dream to be a millionaire is coming true in no time!

Coins are not so used, for small change only and with all these notes the most common mistake when you are new to this currency is to mix up the 10’000idr note with the 100’000idr note, but a good way to avoid this is to remember their colour.

The biggest note of 100k is almost equivalent to 6.50€ so if you don’t want to carry a lot of cash with you, we would advise you to check with your bank which fees will be applied for your withdrawals abroad. Depending on your bank and card type it could be free.

Be aware that if you pay by card in shops, restaurants, hotels, most of the time those business will charge you an extra fee of 3% corresponding to their bank fee.

You can also choose to bring cash with you and change it to the local currency in Indonesia to avoid bank fee. We will advise you to find a trustworthy Money changer office and check the rate before going. You can use XE Currency Converter. Avoid small counter off the street or ones with handwritten sign “No Commission Fee” because there will be a small commission fee anyway, go for a real office instead with experimented employees and updated rates.

You will find ATM machines and money changer offices easily around Bali and Lombok. If you have any question, you can contact Our Team

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