Located between Bali and Sumbawa, Lombok is growing in popularity with its diversity of landscapes and unspoiled nature.

Lombok means “Chili Pepper” in Indonesian, with all this diversity, this nature, it feels adventurous, do you feel the spice? Or did they get the name from their super spicy sauce the “Sambal”, Lombok IS spicy.

The 3 Gilis in the North West, Senggigi and South Lombok are the most visited places, but Lombok has so many options for you to discover unspoiled places and Sasak culture.

You can trek Indonesia’s second highest volcano and get a majestic from the Mount Rinjani in Northern Lombok!

Expect wonderful exotic beaches, even a pink sandy beach (Pink Beach-South Lombok) and great surfing spots, especially in South Lombok, near Mawi beach.

There are also many small Gili Islands that you can discover, mostly in the South of Lombok, Gili Gede, Gili Nanggu, Gili Peteluh…some of them don’t have accommodation on it, you can visit for a day and try snorkel around unspoiled coral reef.

So many places are still unspoiled and natural as Sembalun strawberry fields, the rice fields, the waterfalls (and there are so many!), Narmada Waterpark, Traditional Sasak Village and much more.

Diverse and still traditional

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