The national language, Indonesian, or Bahasa Indonesia, is quite similar with Malay language. Most of Indonesian people speak in Bahasa Indonesia but if you go in small villages for instance it might sounds different. There are more than 400 dialects and other languages (Balinese, Javanese, Sasak…)

Even though in many areas Indonesian people will speak English with you, learning a few local expressions is always fun, facilitate your adaptation while traveling and can be useful if you planning to visit some remote area.

We brought you a list some simple yet helpful Indonesian expressions.
Yes : ya
No : tidak
Thank you : terima kasih
You’re welcome : sama sama

I don’t understand : saya tidak mengerti
Hello / Good morning : selamat pagi

Hello (lunch time (11am – 2pm)) : selamat siang

Hello / Good afternoon : selamat sore
Hello / Good evening : selamat malam
How are you ? : apa kabar ?

What is your name? : siapa nama kamu?
My name is… : nama saya
I come from…: saya dari

Excuse me, where can I find a restaurant? : Permisi, dimana ada restoran?

Spicy : Pedas (if you can’t handle spicy food remember to tell Tidak pedas!)
Where are the toilets: Dimana ada kamar kecil?
How much does this cost? : Berapa harga nya ?
I feel sick : Saya sakit
Where can I find a doctor? : Dimana ada dokter?
Where can I find a hospital? : Dimana ada rumah sakit?

With this list you are ready to go!

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