Preparing your trip to Indonesia is getting easy, Indonesia has simplified everything these last years for you to visit and discover this wonderful country!

Of course, with thousands of islands there is so much to see and discover, you might want to stay longer, and for this you need the right visa! But it is all so easy and we explain it here.

Indonesia proposes now a Free Visa on Arrival, more than 160 nationalities beneficiates this free visa. You can check Passport Index if you beneficiate the free visa. Your passport needs to be valid for at least the 6 next months, have enough blank pages and you might have to show your return ticket to the customs. Then the custom at the airport will just stamp on your arrival, we told you, so easy!

This free visa allows you to stay and visit Indonesia for 30 days, not extension is allowed. Be aware that, since May 2019, the fine for an overstay is 1 million Indonesian rupiah (about 70$) per day per person, so when you book your flight tickets think about the unplanned, a missed flight or maybe you will want to see more.

You could opt for the paid Visa On Arrival (VOA), it is also a 30 days visa but for a 35$ fee on your arrival in Indonesia you will be able to extend this visa for 30 more days while the free visa cannot apply for any extension. On your arrival at the airport, you will see a small counter before getting through custom where you can ask for this VOA.

Asking for a VOA on your arrival will be a great occasion for you to have time to discover more about Bali, Lombok their surroundings, Komodo and its dragons. If you have any question, contact Our Team !

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